Intraoperative IHC

Intraoperative IHC diagnostics can only be practical if the entire IHC procedure is less than 10 minutes. Conventional IHC processes require more than 60 minutes to complete and are thereby impractical for intraoperative applications.  The standard of practice today is to utilize H&E staining during intraoperative surgery.  Today, physicians can only make surgical decisions based solely upon the morphologies observed from the H&E stain results. As the more sensitive traditional central laboratory IHC results become available days later, patients with a false-negative may be required to return for additional surgeries with the corresponding ramifications.

Patients may be better served by a highly sensitive and rapid IHC method that uses fresh frozen tissues at the time of surgery.

The Novodiax ihcDirect technology uses a polymerized HRP conjugated directly onto primary antibodies that result in a simpler and faster IHC procedure that minimizes the time and workflow steps. We call this innovation as direct IHC with our corresponding branded product line labeled as ihcDirect™.

Our ihcDirect method yields a revolutionary technology that opens a spectrum of new clinical applications including intraoperative surgery. Using the Novodiax PolyHRP technology, Intraoperative IHC tests can now be completed in just 10 minutes using fresh frozen tissues. For more details, see our ihcDirect product list.