• Novodiax ELISA polyHRP Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG (Concentrated)
Catalog Number: E28002-C500
Package Size: 0.5 ml
Concentration: 0.5 mg/ml
Specificity: Rabbit antibody IgG
Suggested Dilutions: ELISA: 5,000x-15,000x
Storage: 4°C upon receiving. Do not freeze.
Application: ELISA

It is well known that the second antibody conjugated with polymerized HRP provides much higher detection sensitivity than the antibody conjugated with monomer HRP. In comparison with biotinylated antibody/HRP-streptavidin two-step detection system, the polyHRP-antibody one step detection system simplifies ELISA assay and saves assay times without compromising detection sensitivity. This product is developed based on Novodiax’s proprietary Supersensitive Polymer HRP Detection Platform and optimized for ELISA. Highly polymerized HRPs were conjugated to goat anti mouse IgG second antibodies. It offers ultra-high sensitivity for detecting mouse IgG primary antibody. Through the development process, some leading commercial products on current market have been chosen to compare with. Our results show Novodiax’s Poly-HRP-second antibody conjugates are the best in this class.

Application Details:

Rabbit IgG were coated on ELISA plate in different concentrations. polyHRP-secondary antibody conjugates from different suppliers were diluted at same factor, and then added into the plate.

Novodiax ELISA polyHRP Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG (Concentrated)

  • Catalog Number: E28002-C500
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