• ihcDirect® Pan-CK (Clones AE1/AE3/C94/R226)

Catalog Number:      RK41058-010: For 50-100 IHC Tests with frozen or FFPE tissues
Package Size:             RK41058-005: For 25-50 IHC Tests with frozen or FFPE tissues
Concentration:          Ready to use
Specificity:                  Basic and acidic cytokeratins
Species Reactivity:   Human
Storage:                       4°C upon receiving. Do not freeze.
Intended Use:            For Research Use Only. This product is designed and developed to meet the need for ultra-fast immunohistochemistry (IHC) testing at convenient room temperature. The assay is optimized to work on frozen tissue sections using a 10 minute IHC protocol.

Introduction:            The key component in this kit is horseradish peroxidase (HRP) polymer (polyHRP) labeled mouse anti-human pan-cytokeratin antibody cocktail of clones AE1 and AE3. The product is developed based on Novodiax’s proprietary enzyme polymerization technology and Direct IHC technology (Patent Pending) and is optimized for IHC on frozen tissue. Its incubation time on frozen tissues is 3 minutes and on FFPE tissues 15 minutes. Cytokeratins are cell lineage maker for epithelial cells and can be used for detection of cells of epithelial origins.

ihcDirect® Pan-CK (Clones AE1/AE3/C94/R226)

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