• ihcDirect® Desmin (Mouse monoclonal antibody clone C121)
Catalog Number:         RK41015-010: For 50-100 IHC Tests with frozen or FFPE tissues
Package Size:                RK41015-005: For 25-50 IHC Tests with frozen or FFPE tissues
Concentration:             Ready to use
Specificity:                     Desmin
Species Reactivity:      Human
Storage:                          Store at 4°C upon receiving. Do not freeze.
Intended Use:               For Research Use Only.  This product is designed and developed to meet the need for ultra-fast immunohistochemistry (IHC) testing at convenient room temperature. The assay is optimized to work on frozen tissue sections using a 10 minute IHC protocol.

Introduction:                The key component in this kit is horseradish peroxidase (HRP) polymer (PolyHRP) labeled mouse anti-human desmin antibody (clones C121). The product has developed based on using Novodiax’s proprietary enzyme polymerization technology and Direct IHC technology (Patent Pending) and is optimized for IHC on frozen tissues. The incubation time on frozen tissues is 3 minutes and on FFPE tissues 15-30 minutes.
Desmin is a 56 kD intermediate filament expressed by cells of smooth, skeletal, and cardiac muscle. In myofibrils, desmin is localized in skeletal and cardiac muscle Z lines, in regions of cell-cell juncture, at the site of apposition of the Z line with the plasma membrane, and in cardiac intercalated disks. The specificity of anti-desmin antibody to muscle cells makes it a useful marker in identifying sarcomas derived from smooth and striated muscle cells such as leiomyosarcomas and rhabdomyosarcomas.

ihcDirect® Desmin (Mouse monoclonal antibody clone C121)

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